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Poolguard Alarms

Swimming pool alarms in general play a huge role in pool safety—even if you don’t have children or pets of your own. There are several different types of alarms for above ground and inground swimming pools to choose from. Surface alarms float on top of the water, subsurface alarms rest below the waterline, while pool perimeter alarms detect movement around the outside of the pool. Whichever alarm you choose, keep in mind that they cannot replace direct adult supervision, but act as an added cushion of safety against an unwanted accident.

Some of the most popular types of alarms are those that attach to the backdoor. The Poolguard alarm is a top-rated alarm that easily attaches to any door that leads to your swimming pool. Now you can relax about the safety of your pool, and can feel comfortable stepping out of view from the backyard. The Poolguard alarm DAPT-2 model reacts in 7 seconds after a child walks through the door that leads to the backyard swimming pool. They’re equipped with a feature that allows adults to walk through the door without sounding an alarm, and they’re suitable for above ground and inground pools.

Pool Guard Pool Door Alarm DAPT-2
Pool Guard DAPT-2 Door Alarm Helps you Protect What's Important Good Housekeeping said "The alarms ..
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