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SpectraLight UV Spa Systems

SpectraLight ultraviolet spa systems use remarkable, cutting-edge technology that incorporates ultraviolet light to create a spa that is safer, healthier, and easer to maintain than traditional sanitizing methods. SpectraLight is able to do this while cutting back on chemical use up to 90 percent, to reduce the level of chlorine to the same level found in drinking water.

SpectraLight ultraviolet spa systems tremendously cut costs, by reducing the need for almost all pool chemicals. You could save anywhere from $400 to $600 dollars on chemicals a year with a UV spa system in place. Bacteria and algae thrive in warm environments, but a UV spa system will eliminate the risk of pesky contaminants that aren’t normally caught by the spa filter and pump. SpectraLight UV systems work with all types of hot tubs and spas, and easily connect to the spa’s existing plumbing. 

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