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Hayward Viio Pool Cleaner Head 5500TC

Hayward 5500TC

Hayward Viio Pool Cleaner Head  5500TC

Adding a new level of enjoyment to pool ownership the Viio Turbo is the next generation in pressure cleaner technology. Engineered to meticulously clean the average pool in less than three hours, this high-performance turbo driven cleaner utilizes the advanced technology, AquaDrive, to clean your pool far faster and efficient than random style cleaners.

Harnessing the flow of water, the Viio brilliantly clean all areas of your pool. The Viio Turbo greatly reduces the possibility of missed or over visited zones in the pool by utilizing the power of AquaDrive. Equipped with a programmable 30, 50, or 75-second backup mechanism, the Viio spends less time idly backing up and more time cleaning your pool as compared to the competitions fixed 3 minute back-up.

With the widest cleaning path available, as well as an oversized intake throat, the Viio Turbo sucks up particles as small as a grain of sand and as large as debris like twigs, acorns and leaves. While other cleaners might pick up and bag sand, the Viio sports an extra large 6-quart debris bag for added holding capacity and increased debris and sand retention â?“the highest independent sand collection capacity available. This oversized debris bag cuts down on your maintenance time so you empty the bag less often and enjoy your pool more.

Debris does not have a chance with Viio's extremely efficient sweep hose. As the Viio glides through the water utilizing its patented rigid pressure hose, the sweep hose follows the Viio cleaning up dirt and sand from both the steps and tightest corners of your pool.

Drive wheels are a thing of the past as the Viio utilizes water-jet propulsion to maneuver around your pool taking the pressure off of your pool's surface. Convenience, performance and innovation â?“ Viio Turbo features a world of advanced technology for an unmatched cleaning performance for all in ground pools. Dirt and debris have met their match with the Viio Turbo by Hayward.

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