New advances in pool water filtration have led some companies to use a Zeolite media bed in their filtration systems. Today Zeolite pool filters are among the most energy efficient and advanced swimming pool filters in the industry. Zeolite is a natural mineral formed millions of years ago in volcanic ash flows that settled in seas and lakes. It is the world’s only mineral with a naturally occurring negative charge, so it locks and holds positive ions like dirt, debris and particulate much smaller than the naked eye.The negative charge and dense structure means Zeolite pool filters can absorb a variety of environmental contaminants like sodium, potassium, barium, calcium, and positively charged groups like ammonia. With a filtration area of about 1,000 times greater than sand media beds, swimming pool filters with Zeolite can remove the most difficult contaminants as small as two to three microns, including chloramines.

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