Aquabot Pool Cleaners

 Aquabot Pool Cleaners

Located in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Aquabot revolutionized the pool industry by introducing the first robotic pool cleaner in 1982. Aquabot was built with the sole mission of making pool experience more enjoyable. For over thirty years they have consistently delivered new and innovative ways to help keep pools both cleaner and healthier. This same innovative spirit lives on today as we strive to deliver a better Aquabot pool cleaner with the latest advances to meet the needs of pool owners everywhere.

Aquabot Elite Robotic Pool Cleaner

Meet the All-New Elite. The Most Honed and Capable Aquabot Ever. It is the kind of arrival that announces itself. The all-new Aquabot Elite comes into the world not so much unveiled as unleashed

$998.00 $929.00
Aquabot Spirit Pool Cleaner

How do you change the robotic pool cleaner game irrevocably – and up the stakes on sheer value? You’re looking at the answer. The Aquabot Spirit reflects the robotic pool cleaner expertise that has be

$447.00 $419.00
Aquabot X4

Aquabot revolutionized at-home pool cleaning by inventing the very first robotic pool cleaner over 30 years ago. With the new X4, they are delivering their most powerful and affordable robotic pool cl

$1,099.00 $839.00

The smart design of the Aquabot i2 makes it an ideal cleaner for your above or in-ground pool. Affordably priced and stocked with new innovative features unprecedented in its class, the i2 will cut do

$799.00 $379.00