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Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner

4 (33 Reviews)

The New Max-Series is here. Rated the Best Value Dolphin pool cleaner, the Dolphin Cayman is the only robot in its class with a weekly timer, MaxBin, and a HyperBrush.

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"There has never been a robotic pool cleaner quite like this."

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Dolphin Cayman

Dolphin Cayman

Automated Pool Cleaning.

The perfect automatic robotic pool cleaner. With Weekly Timer, Dual DC Motors, & MaxBin™ Filtration, the Dolphin Cayman delivers a clean like no other.

What's Included

Dolphin Cayman

Dolphin Cayman

Standard MaxBin


Maytronics Smart Timer

Power Supply with Weekly Timer

40ft Maytronics Dolphin cord

50ft Cord

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Dolphin Cayman MaxBin

Gen-2 MaxBin™ Filtration

The Cayman’s easy to use and highly effective filtration system sets it above and beyond what you’d expect from a standard automatic pool cleaner. Its super-fine filtration allows it to clean debris of all sizes, from algae to large leaves. Its large, oversized cartridge and programmable timer means it could clean for an entire week before it needs to be emptied.

Wall Climbing Pro

Equipped with dual motors, the Dolphin Cayman doesn't just clean your pool floors - but also your pool walls. With advanced wall climbing, the Cayman can scale the walls and scrub off harmful buildup polluting your pool water.

Dolphin Cayman Waterline

Designed from Scratch.
Pushed to the Limit.

Dolphin Cayman MaxBin


The second generation of filters are here. With the new Max-Series™, cleaning your pool has never been easier. The new, 50% larger filter basket capture more leaves, twigs, and debris than ever before. Now available with a NanoFilter upgrade.

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Dolphin Escape HyperBrush Scrubbing

HyperBrush™ Scrubbing

A powerful brush is a must when it comes to effectively cleaning away stuck on stubborn contaminants. The all-new Cayman features a HyperBrush™ to dislodge stuck-on debris with brushes that spin two times faster than ordinary brushes. Dirt and debris don’t stand a chance against the Dolphin Cayman.

Dolphin Cayman HyperGrip Tracks

HyperGrip™ Tracks

The Cayman is equipped with HyperGrip ™ Rubber Tracks to ensure that no surface gets left behind. The tracks grip tightly to your pool’s floor and walls to eliminate the slipping that wheeled robots experience. With the Cayman, the debris and tough contaminants in your pool have nowhere to hide.

Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner Lightweight Design

Ergonomic & Lightweight Design

A pool cleaner that’s heavy and cumbersome makes pool cleaning a chore, but the light weight and ergonomic design of the Cayman ensures the robot bares your cleaning burdens. Its frame is ergonomically designed to create the least water resistance possible so it moves efficiently around your pool. Its light weight of only 14lbs means it’s easy to transport and drop into your pool. Plus, with its fast water release program, it never feels waterlogged or heavy when you lift it from your pool by its convenient carrying handle.

Optional NanoFiltration™

Upgrade the cleaning performance of the Cayman's MaxBin with NanoFiltration. These filters capture more than the standard mesh filters and can help increase water clarity as well. Stop dirt, debris, sand, algae, and more in its tracks.

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Gen-2 Cleaning Ability

Dolphin Cayman SmartNav

Weekly Timer

The Cayman cleans quick, and completes its cleaning cycles in 2 hours. Its advanced mapping system ensures that cleaning paths don’t overlap and that every inch of your pool is touched by its advanced scrubbing brushes. The Cayman features a built-in, programmable weekly timer to ensure that even if you are out of town or simply forgot, your pool stays clean and ready to enjoy.

Dolphin Cayman Dual Motors

Dual DC Motors

The Cayman’s engineers set out to build a robotic cleaner that accomplished a thorough and efficient clean while using less energy. Their success is evident in the new Dolphin Cayman. With dual 24-volt DC motors powering the Cayman around the pool, this robot uses only 180watts, or almost 90% less than traditional cleaners that can use up to 1800 watts of power. This balance of power and efficiency ensures you get the best of both worlds every time you clean.

Dolphin D7 Microprocessor

D7 Microprocessor & SmartNav 2.0™

Traditional pool robots tend to wander aimlessly around the pool, hoping they’ll eventually clean everything. With the new Dolphin Cayman, there’s no hoping or wandering involved. It’s equipped with the SmartNav 2.0™ pool mapping system to ensure that it not only cleans every inch, but it also doesn’t waste time overlap cleaning paths.

Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner's Weekly Timer

The Only Robot in its class with a Weekly Timer

A must-have for any pool owner. The Cayman's weekly timer allows you to automate cleaning cycles as the Cayman will automatically run daily in your pool. Other Dolphin robots in its class must be manually started for every cycle, but not the Cayman.

The Robot of the Future

The new Max-Series™ robot is here and better than its predecessors. With a weekly timer, MaxBin™, wall climbing, and more, experience the difference. The perfect balance of power and value, the Dolphin Cayman is one of the best robots of 2024.

Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner Lifestyle
Dolphin Cayman Grey

Best-in-Class 2 Year Warranty

Try Risk-Free for 30 Days

Adding the Cayman to your pool’s cleaning team means forever changing the way you view a clean pool. The Cayman pick up where other robots fall short with innovative new features that make owning a pool as easy and carefree as it should be. It’s time to see what’s different about the Cayman. Try it in your pool for 30 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just return it. Let Cayman challenge everything you think about robotic pool cleaners.

Customer Reviews



33 Reviews

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

3 Stars - Dan o'banion

This unit does a decent job, and seems to keep our pool clean. It seems to spend more time in the deep end of our pool, but for the most part covers the majority of the pool area. My main beef, is that if you watch the u-tube videos of this unit, it shows the power supply with all 3 options (Weekly timer, Fast mode, Delayed Operation) all lit up, and all of the these cleaning options available. When you actually get this unit, the power supply only has one of the 3 options (Weekly Timer) lit up and available to you. When I called and questioned this, they told me that the Cayman only comes with the one option for cleaning, and that is how it is going to be. Seems a little deceiving to me. I suppose this is why it is cheaper than the higher end Dolphin cleaners.

3 Stars - Andrew knight

It did a good job vacuuming the bottom of the pool, but I cant say for climbing the walls if the scrub is effective because it seems to not be climbing the wall the on all the wheels. The wheels are climbing on one side and the brushes never touch the wall. It robot seems a little confused on the coverage and does seem to repeat the same area a lot.

5 Stars - Jeff

Works great and climbs walls. Spent a lot of time researching these. Dolphin is def the better brand and I would highly suggest spending a little more money and getting the one that climbs walls.

4 Stars - Carol canton

Cleans the pool OK...Sometimes gets hung up on the drain...Does not negotiate the steps well...And my biggest complaint is that the cord gets very tangled. I had another robotic cleaner and this never happened to the cord.

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