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Swimming Pool Alarms

There are several different types of pool alarms on the market today. Surface alarms float on top of the water in above ground and inground swimming pools. Subsurface alarms rest below the waterline and sound an alarm once an object falls in. A personal immersion alarm is a device that’s connected to a specific person or animal, and lastly, a pool perimeter is an alarm that detects movement around the outside of the pool.

Regardless of the type of pool alarm you choose, they’re a necessary safety feature that should be included on your pool’s supplies list. Pool alarms play a huge role in swimming pool safety—even if you don’t have children or pets of your own. Neighborhood children or pets can wander into your backyard unsupervised, so you should always outfit your pool with an alarm.

Pool Guard Pool Door Alarm DAPT-2
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Out of all the options, the most popular and affordable alarms for pools attach to the door that leads to your pool. The Poolguard pool door alarm DAPT-2 is a key piece of equipment to incorporate into your backyard. These alarms are designed for pools that use the house as one side of the perimeter. The door alarm principle is simple. An audible alarm sounds when the door is opened. These pool alarms can be turned on and off using a key or a keypad. They’re affordable, easy to install, and quickly warn if the door is opened.

When purchasing an alarm for your swimming pool, you should consider a few factors. First, alarms will never replace direct adult supervision. Constantly monitoring children and pets while they’re around the pool is the best way to prevent an unwanted accident, while alarms are a close second. Make sure the alarm you choose is tamper proof, includes a low battery indicator, and is audible enough to be heard from a distance.