No spa is complete without the proper lighting. LED spa lights will add the final touch your spa needs, in an energy efficient, long lasting style. Once your LED lights are in place, you can finally enjoy your spa in the evening hours no matter the season. LED lights for your spa are more advanced than traditional lighting options of the past. Beyond being energy efficient, they come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose between one fixed hue, and a range of colors for an impressive lightshow that will be the highlight of your entire neighborhood.LED spa lights incorporate advanced technology that run much cooler than traditional lights. Instead of using filament or gas to function, LED runs on an electronic system that regulates the power. This progressive technology is what makes LED lights a leader in energy efficiency. The amount of energy reduced in some LED models is an impressive 80% when compared to other lighting systems. This option has begun to replace older lights used in pools and spas. The LED lights for spas at Pool Express are available in fixed or changing colors, from warm, to cool, to multiple colors alternating. 

The Hayward ColorLogic Spa light is designed to fit most spas and hot tubs. Hayward ColorLogic spa l..