Note: Pentair Sam lights have been discontinued. The new, colored LED lights offer greater efficiency and reliability. Find LED pool lights by clicking here. Pentair Sam lights are consistently well-rated, color-changing swimming pool and spa lights. The Pentair Sam lights produce brilliant underwater color lighting effects to transform your swimming pool or spa into a glowing wonder in the evening. The Sam lights are the first automated halogen swimming pool light that continuously changes colors or holds one single color. These lights also feature an electronic system that allows you to control the color. Pentair Sam pool lights are designed for any inground pool—for new installations or replacements of existing pool lights. When you use Pentair Sam lights with the Pentair IntelliTouch System, your variety of colors is almost endless. With these two systems, pool owners can use an exclusive auto-color roll that synchronizes with PG2000. Or, you can choose to hold one color throughout the evening. And it’s controlled with just one switch. 

SAm color-changing lights produce brilliant underwater color lighting effects that transform your po..