You haven’t experienced superior efficiency and filtration until you’ve used an EcoFilter. The EcoFilter’s advanced technology is designed specifically for reduced energy consumption—so much so that it decreases the pool filter’s total energy use up to 43% when compared to a traditional swimming pool filter. An EcoFilter isn’t your average pool filter. Its highly advanced design uses twice the amount of diffusers found in regular filters. A typical filter lateral has five points, but an EcoFilter lateral is designed like a snowflake. This atypical construction maximizes the media bed to deliver greater efficiency and filtration performance.This type of filter works well with sand, but zeolite makes an EcoFilter stand out above traditional filters. Zeolite is an all-natural mineral formed millions of years ago that’s now used to remove the most difficult contaminants in your pool water including chlorine byproducts. And it delivers crystal clear water even better than a DE filter, with a micron rating as small as 2 to 3 microns. Zeolite only needs to be cleaned once every six months, about once a swim season for fast maintenance and winterizing. 

Meet the World's Most Energy Efficient Pool Filter EcoFilter was made technically possible by thr..