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We're a highly specialized group of pool folks who love talking about the most efficient pool pumps, filters, ultraviolet systems and robotic pool cleaners. There's a lack of reliable product information available to pool owners. How's a pool owner supposed to make an informed decision? We're lifetime experts in the swimming pool industry. It's what we do and what we know. Together, we have over 40 years of combined pool industry experience. This experience gives us a unique understanding of the many ways that swimming pools use and lose energy. When we founded Pool Express, our goal was to help pool owners just like you to save money on their chemical and energy bills using the latest leading-edge equipment not yet available at your local pool store or through mainstream retailers.

Too many companies sell the same old tired products they've been selling for 15 years. And the majority of those couldn't tell you if a pool product consumes 200 watts or 2000 watts. Why should your pool equipment be anything less than extraordinary? We thought it was about time someone joined the game who truly believes things can be different from top to bottom.

We have worked with thousands of pool owners throughout our careers and have built our reputation on integrity, hard work and quality of results! With our free and thorough pool energy audit, our friendly team will walk you through the entire audit process to determine what your pool's greatest weaknesses are when it comes to chemicals us and energy loss.

We analyze each aspect of your swimming pool and explain our findings to you in clear detail as we go so that you can fully understand the many ways that your pool is wasting energy, chemicals and money. Finally we will make recommendations as to how to cost-effectively upgrade your swimming pool to reduce your bills and save you money. It's not uncommon for pool owners to save $150+ per month in combined energy and chemical savings!

Our team of professionals understands all types of pool equipment, construction types, energy usage, building materials and the flaws common in pools that lead to unnecessary energy loss. Our mission is to help to reduce your monthly energy and bills starting today. Call us now and we'll guide you on the path to lower energy bills and a cleaner, more efficient, and less costly pool. We look forward to meeting you soon!


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