About Us

About Us

We know pools inside and out. And we know owning and operating one is no easy task. That’s why we founded Pool Express.

With all of the chemistry and technology that goes into maintaining a pool, we saw a need to help pool owners make sense of it all so they could make the best decision with their purchase. As the industry has grown, so has our expertise.

Along with selling and advising which pumps and filters are best, we guide pool owners to find the perfect robotic pool cleaners and UV systems to meet their needs. Too many pool owners are coerced by pool companies into using the same low-quality, inefficient equipment that has been around for 15 years. But there are much, much better options available. And we help you find them.

We’ve worked with thousands of pool owners throughout our careers to analyze thousands of pools with a free and thorough pool energy audit. Through this process, we’re able to determine what your pool’s greatest weaknesses are when it comes to energy loss and chemicals. Better yet, we’re able to offer solutions at the best prices.

What started as helping you save money now helps revolutionize your pool experience both in and out of the water. From hands-off robotic cleaners to UV technology that makes your wallet lighter each month, our job is to make owning and operating a pool better than ever before.

At Pool Express, we’re making pools more efficient and enjoyable, one pool lover at a time. Request your free audit today and experience the Pool Express difference for yourself.