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Dolphin S200 Review

A deep dive into the in-store exclusive

By Brian Williamson | Written on May 6th, 2024
Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin S200 is one of the more popular robotic pool cleaners, especially if you are buying it in-store. A part of the Dolphin S-Line, it is exclusive to brick-and-mortar stores and cannot be sold online per Maytronics. But, is the Dolphin S200 a better value or does it fall short of the newer online lineups such as the 2024 ProLine and Max-Series? Well, let’s dive in and find out.


Often more expensive compared to online models, the Dolphin S200 does not have any advantages over the 2024 ProLine’s Dolphin Quantum. As both robots include two filters sets with a larger basket than other Dolphin models, it is a nearly identical comparable – just with a lower price tag.

There are many other options when shopping for the best Dolphin pool robot. With the ProLine’s Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Sigma, you’ll also benefit from the longer 3-year warranty for not much more. Not to mention the benefits and upgrades of the 2024 models which we have covered in the Dolphin Sigma review and Dolphin Premier review.

Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
Dolphin S200 vacuuming pool

If you don’t need a bigger and better robot, there are some other Dolphins that cost less as well. Such as the near identical Dolphin Quantum or the Max-Series' Dolphin Cayman, which are staples in the Maytronics lineup.

For example, the Dolphin Quantum – which is nearly identical – cost a few hundred less. If you do see the Dolphin S200 online, be wary of it may void your warranty from Maytronics.

What's included with the Dolphin S200?

The Dolphin S200 includes everything you need to get started. However, unlike some other instore exclusive models, the S200 does not include a caddy in the box. However, we didn’t find thing to be a big deal – as the most popular models don’t include the caddy. You can also purchase the caddy separately. But here is everything that is included:

  • Dolphin S200
  • Filter Basket with Standard Filters
  • Ultrafine Filter Panels
  • Power Supply
  • Manual


Setting up a robotic pool cleaner is super easy. Since it doesn’t require a booster pump, the Dolphin S200 is plug and play. The motors are inside of the robot and the power supply plugs into a standard outlet. So to get started, you simply plug it in and turn on the power supply.

To program the three weekly timer settings, you simply cycle through all the selections. The selections do the following:

  • 1st Selection: Runs daily for the 2-hour cycle time
  • 2nd Selection: Runs every 48 hours for the 2-hour cycle time
  • 3rd Selection: Runs every 72 hours for its 2-hour cycle time
Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning
Dolphin S200 Cleaning

Active Scrubbing

The scrubbing power is quite impressive on this robot. Able to traverse our test pool and scrub away, it has active scrubbing. This allows the robot to actively clean – not just vacuum. And let me tell you, it made a major difference.

Gone are the days are pressure-side cleaners roaming aimlessly in your pool. Equipped with CleverClean navigation, the S200 intelligently navigates your pool. And it’s no understatement that it works.

The Dolphin S200 did a great job regarding covering the entire pool. While it takes a few cycles, once you set it to a daily cleaning interval via its timer – the Dolphin S200 takes care of the rest, which I loved.

Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Filter Basket
Dolphin S200 Filter Basket

Top-Loading Filter

The top-loading filter is one of my favorites. It is easier to clean than the bottom-loading filters or cartridges. And this basket is even larger than the one on the Dolphin S100 and Dolphin Nautilus CC, so that is a big upgrade.

The standard filters do decent when it comes to picking up larger debris, but I found they struggle with the smaller debris. Luckily, the S200 comes with a solution: the ultrafine filters.

While ProLine and Max-Series models include the new version, NanoFilters, these ultrafine filters do the job. Able to clear and capture smaller debris in your pool that would otherwise pass through the standard filter, the panels simply snap into the filter basket for an upgraded performance.

If you’re looking into a robotic pool cleaner, don’t get one without a second set of filters. Largely overlooked by people, a robot is only as good as its filter. And after testing nearly 60+ robotic pool cleaners, it is the most important part of any pool robot.

Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Power Supply
Dolphin S200's Weekly Timer

Weekly Timer

The addition of a weekly timer over the Dolphin S100 is a massive benefit. Just like you see in other top robots such as my Dolphin Cayman review and Dolphin Quantum review, I absolutely loved using the timer and would not consider a pool robot without one.

You won’t find this power supply on select online models. As I have covered in my Dolphin Nautilus CC review and Dolphin Explorer E20 review, this is a feature I have found that Dolphin seems to save for select models. So it’s a big advantage to the S200 since it has the programmable power supply – however it’s not the only robot with it either.

With the press of a button, you can set the S200 to run daily, every other day, or every three days. I opted to run it daily, as I have a lot of leaves and debris blowing into my pool.

One thing to mention is you can leave the robot in the pool. Frequently, we have customers ask this. The robot can stay in the pool 24 / 7 and just come out to clean the filter. This makes it super easy to keep your pool clean, as you only have to interact with your robot once or twice a week – rather than daily like you do with a cordless pool robot.

Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Lifestyle
The Dolphin S200

Where could the Dolphin S200 improve?

The Dolphin S200 has a shorter warranty compared to some robots in its price range.

It’s also missing a smartphone app. After reviewing a ton of pool robots, I am not quite convinced that this is a huge benefit. It’s nice, but doesn’t justify the increased price of a lot of robots. In fact, using the onboard timer is easier, and I prefer it. But, I know a lot of my readers enjoy this feature and want to make sure you know that there is no Wi-Fi, no bluetooth, and no app.

Lastly, it doesn’t include a caddy. This isn’t a big deal, but if you go with the Dolphin S300 or Dolphin S400, they both do include the caddy with the robot. It’s nice to have the caddy included, but it wouldn’t justify the upgrade in my opinion.

Where can I buy the Dolphin S200?

The Dolphin S200 is only available in-stores at an Authorized Dealers. Be wary of anyone selling the Dolphin S200 online, as they may not be an authorized Dolphin dealer and it wouldn’t have the full warranty!

Dolphin S200 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Lifestyle
Only available in-stores

Is the Dolphin S200 worth it?

No, we don’t think so. When compared to the Dolphin Quantum, you’re paying more for the exact same feature set and performance. While the performance is great, it isn’t quite as good as the Dolphin ProLine. Without the commercial-grade motors found on the Premier and Sigma, it doesn’t quite have the upper-level cleaning performance we loved in our testing of the other alternative robots.

Alternative Robots

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner
A fusion of ProLine and Max-Series: the Quantum

Dolphin Quantum

The Dolphin Quantum is the most obvious alternative. At a lower price point and nearly identical feature set, the new 2024 Max-Series robot is some serious bang for your buck. We love the Quantum and know you will too.

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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
Rated the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by USA Today

Dolphin Premier

The more filters the better. The Dolphin Premier takes a step up from the Dolphin S200 by adding Multi-Media, Media-Alert, commercial-grade motors, 3-year warranty, and more. With NanoFilters, oversized Leaf Bag, and standard filters, the Premier comes with more filters than any other pool robot. Rated the best robotic pool cleaner by USA Today, the Dolphin Premier is the top robotic pool cleaner.

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Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
The Sigma - Dolphin's Most Advanced Robot Yet

Dolphin Sigma

The top Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Sigma is the most advanced Dolphin ever made. With a gyroscope, three commercial-grade motors, quad brushes, and more, the Dolphin Sigma stands out with the myDolphin Plus app. The Sigma even includes NanoFilters for upgraded cleaning performance.

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