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Dolphin Sigma Review

Top Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner of 2024

By Brian Williamson | Written on March 2nd, 2024
Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

“Hey Siri, Clean my pool”

With these simple words, my Dolphin Sigma turned on and started to vacuum my pool. All without getting out of my chair.

Out of the 50+ robotic pool cleaners I have tested, the Dolphin Sigma is now my favorite. Its unparalleled cleaning performance sets it apart. A part of the new Dolphin ProLine, the Sigma combines commercial-grade motors, the efficiency of Gen-2 NanoFilters, and the convenience of the myDolphin Plus app into a residential pool cleaner.

With motors and parts from commercial robots that can clean pools up to 100 feet long, it’s no secret why it performs better than normal Dolphins. With a great user interface, a fantastic filtration system, and more powerful motors, it's no surprise why the Dolphin Sigma is one of the best. But what is it like to use and is it worth it?

To see what Maytronics' “most advanced robotic pool cleaner” could do, I put it to the test for over six weeks inside my pool. Here’s everything you should know.

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner GoPro Waterline
Full pool coverage. From the floors to the waterline.

The Dolphin Sigma is well worth it

There is no doubt that Sigma is the future of robotic pool cleaners. Instantly, I recognized how the Sigma separated itself from other Dolphin pool cleaners: high-tech cleaning, bigger motors, and better filtration

The formula behind the Dolphin Sigma is simple. The robot combines commercial-grade motors with Dolphin’s newest Connect Anywhere technology and app. This allows you to connect to your Sigma from anywhere. At work and forgot to start the cleaner, no problem. Simply say “Hey Siri, Clean my pool” or open the app to start cleaning your pool.

The appeal of the Sigma goes well beyond the app. What sets it apart is the commercial-grade performance.

There are quite a few Dolphin robots compatible with the myDolphin Plus app, yet the Sigma offers more features than the standard models. With the SmartNav 3.0 and D9 Microprocessor, the Sigma intelligently maps your pool to ensure full pool cleaning.

The Sigma has a 50% longer 3-year warranty. Only found in select residential cleaners like the Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Explorer E70, the Sigma is in an elite company. So it is a great value on paper, but what’s it like to use, and is it worth it?

I can confidently tell you that the Sigma is not just a good investment, but an exceptional one. It simply makes pool cleaning easy. It is a hidden gem that surpassed all my exceptions with a vast array of features, enhanced performance, and the added security of a longer warranty.

What's included with the Sigma?

What is included with the Dolphin Sigma? Here is everything that comes in the box:

  • Dolphin Sigma
  • MyDolphin Plus Power Supply
  • 60ft cord with anti-tangle swivel
  • NanoFilter Cartridges (4 panels included)
  • Standard Mesh Filters (4 panels included)
  • Filter Baseplate
  • Manual

The Dolphin Sigma includes everything you need to get started and everything you’d ever need.


Getting the Dolphin Sigma setup was a breeze. Forget about the hassle of a booster pump or puzzling over assembly instructions like you would with pressure-side or suction-side cleaners of the past. The Sigma is fully assembled right out of the box. I had the Dolphin Sigma up and running in under 3 minutes. It’s truly plug-and-play.

To start, you just put the Sigma in your pool, plug in the power supply, and turn it on. From there, download the myDolphin Plus app. Once you open the app, it’ll hold your hand through the setup process. After numerous other app setups from other brands, the user interface and setup were significantly easier. Here’s the best part – you even get to name your Dolphin Sigma. How cool is that?

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner Triple Motors
The Sigma uses 3 commercial-grade motors taken from Maytronics' commercial robots

Commercial Performance

The commercial performance of the Dolphin Sigma sets it apart in the realm of residential pool robots. Instantly, I recognized the difference in power. As you see the vortex of water shot up to the surface, the Dolphin Sigma began its cleaning.

Borrowed from commercial cleaners that clean pools up to 100ft long, the Dolphin Sigma’s strength is unmatched in the residential pool robot world. It doesn’t just use one or two commercial-grade motors, but three.

Why does it need three commercial-grade motors? Well, compared to the Dolphin Premier which uses two scrubbing brushes and dual commercial-grade motors, the Sigma has quad scrubbing brushes powered by these three motors. These brushes allow the Sigma to rotate 360 degrees in place. This resulted in the Sigma being more precise in our testing. Rather than a 3-point turn, the Sigma can just rotate 180 degrees while staying in place.

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner's Gyroscope
The Sigma uses 3 commercial-grade motors taken from Maytronics' commercial robots


The Dolphin Sigma incorporates the same tech used in space exploration technology into its design, harnessing the same gyroscopic sensors. The same technology is used in NASA space rovers.

These high-tech sensors feed continuous signals to its advanced D9 Microprocessor, enhancing its cleaning capabilities. This integration allows the Sigma to have a keen awareness of its orientation and location within the pool.

Combine with the upgraded SmartNav 3.0 from Dolphin and the result is a fine-tuned cleaning machine. Able to detect obstacles such as stairs, ladders, and more, the Dolphin Sigma went around our ladder and drain with ease.

The impact of these technologies isn’t just noticeable – it’s a game-changer.

The Dolphin Sigma moves and cleans with purpose and precision. Covering more ground than ever before, the Dolphin Sigma is the future of pool cleaning.

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner Cleaning the Waterline
Clean the dirtiest part of your pool: the waterline.

Waterline Cleaning

If you’re new to the robotic pool cleaner world, waterline cleaning is the ability to reach the waterline and scrub while moving horizontally. This dislodges and vacuums up the debris that gathers here.

The waterline is often one of the dirtiest parts of your pool. Where the water meets the air, bacteria, and algae can grow here. If neglected, this area can not only become visually unappealing but also harbor a variety of microorganisms that pose health risks. So, ensuring this part of the pool is well maintained is critical.

In my testing, the Dolphin Sigma is one of the best waterline cleaning robots. I was determined to understand why the Sigma cleaned so much better, especially at the waterline. After some research and testing, the answer was staring right at me.

Climbing rings, dual stabilizer, and commercial-grade motors.

At the base of the Sigma’s brushes are 4 white rings. These sponges are climbing rings. As you unbox the unit, they may be stiff and hard. But I noticed that they puff up once the Sigma gets into your pool. These help the Sigma grip your pool as it climbs.

But once the Sigma reaches the waterline, the dual stabilizer floats towards the waterline – helping the Sigma firmly stick to the wall as it defies gravity. Pushed by its motors, the Sigma stuck to the wall with ease and moved horizontally scrubbing away.

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner NanoFilters
Clean deeper than ever before


Nothing cleans as deep as NanoFilters. I’ve tested dozens of pool robot filters. The Sigma includes both NanoFilters and standard mesh filter cartridges. Most pool robots include these standard mesh filters. These are great for larger debris but can miss smaller particles such as sand, dirt, and algae in your pool.

But once you make the switch to Nanofilters, you won’t go back. I found myself primarily using the NanoFilters. There wasn’t a need to switch to the standard filters, as the NanoFilters captured it all – including larger leaves and even twigs.

Dolphin NanoFilters clean deeper than the standard filters

How do NanoFilters work?

Well, made of high-spun polyester fabric, these filters offer a large pleated surface area capable of sieving. As water gets filtered through them, it separates microscopic debris that clouds your pool water.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a pool robot is that it acts as a secondary pool filter. While it is also a vacuum cleaner, it also filters your pool water in the process. So why buy a robot without a solid filter?

After testing various robots with NanoFilters, it’s hands down the best filter. I wouldn’t recommend a Dolphin robot without them. Found on the Max-Series and ProLine robots, there are quite a few robots compatible with them. So make sure to check out our page to learn more about NanoFilters and which robots are compatible.

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myDolphin Plus App
Control the Sigma right from your phone

MyDolphin Plus App

Cleaning power and performance is one thing. But what is it like to use the Sigma?

It’s a breeze.

The other ProLine pool robots are controlled via their weekly power supply. The Dolphin Sigma is a little different. The power supply only has one button. So how do you control it? The myDolphin Plus app.

Dolphin Sigma Power Supply
Dolphin Sigma's Power Supply+

From this app, you can do everything you can on a weekly timer. The only downside is that to start any weekly schedule, you must open the app. With the 2024 model, they have upgraded the app and changed to Wi-Fi technology. I found it easier to connect and more reliable than other Dolphins in the past.

From there, you get quite an array of options to choose from:

  • Advanced Weekly Timer
  • Manual Control
  • Cleaning History
  • Voice Control
  • Support

The nice part of the Sigma is the advanced weekly timer. Compared to the Quantum and Premier which run daily at the same time, you can set the Sigma to run at specific days and times. Clean at 5 pm on Friday and 10 am on Sunday. That way your pool is ready to swim whenever you want. When cleaning, the Sigma even tells you the percentage process it has made cleaning your pool.

Ever wanted to pilot your robot? Well, now you can. I had a blast playing with the Sigma. Driving it up and down the pool made it easy to target the corner of my pool which leaves constantly gathered. While this option is available in other cleaners via an optional remote, it is nice to see it included without having to shell out extra money.

With the cleaning history, the Dolphin Sigma records each clean. Letting you know the distance traveled, total time on the motors, and details of each cycle. The Sigma even alerts you via a notification when your pool is done cleaning. It’s a nice touch that you don’t see in other Dolphin robots.

Voice Control

You can even set up voice control. That way, cleaning becomes as easy as saying “Hey Siri, Clean my Pool.”

Don’t have access to Wi-Fi from your pool? No problem. The Dolphin Sigma can be connected via Bluetooth as well. While you won’t be able to connect from anywhere, you still will get the full feature set and capabilities.

Dolphin Sigma Wall Climbing
Dolphin Sigma climbing and scaling the wall

3 Year Warranty

The Sigma’s 3-year warranty is a significant advantage.

Compared to the Dolphin Explorer E50, which is more expensive and only has a 2-year warranty, the Dolphin Sigma is fantastic value. This is likely due to utilizing the commercial parts and build quality. Regardless, it’s something to keep in mind when shopping for a cleaner.

Dolphin Sigma Pool Robot
Is it worth it? Yes!

Is the Sigma worth it?

The Dolphin Sigma stands out as a high-end model with a unique combination of commercial-grade motors, superior filtration, and advanced features with smartphone integration. Combine all of these and the Dolphin Sigma is the best robotic pool cleaner I’ve tested.

In terms of whether the Dolphin Sigma is worth it, especially when looking for a top-tier model within the Dolphin lineup, here are some reasons why the Sigma is worth it:

  • Commercial Performance: It doesn’t get better than the ProLine. Utilizing commercial motors and parts, the Sigma boasts an increased performance able to handle any pool shape and size.
  • Filtration: The NanoFiltration is the best Dolphin has to offer. The ability to capture large and microscopic debris at the same time sets it apart from the rest of the Dolphin lineup.
  • Features: The addition of the myDolphin Plus app gives more customizability compared to other Dolphin robots. With the ability to clean anywhere and anytime, the Sigma provides unmatched cleaning flexibility and customization.
  • Warranty: To top it all off. It has a 50% longer warranty. Knowing you have coverage and protection on the investment is well worth it in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

Overall, the Dolphin Sigma’s high-end features put it at the top of the list for the best Dolphin pool cleaners.

Alternative Robots

How does it compare to other robots? If the Dolphin Sigma is on your radar, but you want to look for some alternatives. Let's quickly glance at these models and what they offer compared to the Sigma.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
Rated the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by USA Today

Dolphin Premier

Rated the best robotic pool cleaner by USA Today, the Dolphin Premier is a hard robot to compete with. If you have researched into purchasing a robotic pool cleaner, you have seen both models.

Both ProLine models with commercial-grade motors, NanoFilters, waterline cleaning, weekly timers, and 3-year warranties. There is a lot of overlap between the two. The primary difference boils down to Multi-Media vs myDolphin Plus app. The Premier excels at picking up leaves with its oversized leaf bag, while the Sigma has a better user interface with more advanced tech such as a gyroscope and three motors.

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Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner
The New ProLine model - the Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Quantum

A great alternative to the Dolphin Sigma is the Dolphin Quantum. Also a part of the ProLine and Max-Series, the Quantum combines high performance with the XXL MaxBin and NanoFiltration.

With a weekly timer and waterline cleaning, you get a very similar performance while saving some money. You’ll give up some features you may want like the smartphone app and the high-powered commercial-grade motors, but you’ll save some money in the process.

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