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Dolphin Quantum Review

Best Value Robotic Pool Cleaner of 2024

By Brian Williamson | Written on April 4th, 2024
Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner

For those in search of the ultimate pool-cleaning machine, the Dolphin Quantum is the perfect intersection of power, convenience, and value. Its position as one of the best robotic pool cleaners of 2024 is well deserved. It’s the cheapest robot with NanoFilters, Waterline Cleaning, and a Weekly Timer – all of the essential Dolphin features.

A fusion of the Dolphin ProLine and Max-Series, the Quantum brings the best of each together. Utilizing the power of the ProLine with the convivence of the Max-Series, the result is a pool cleaner that delivers a powerful cleaning experience at a fantastic value.

As we dive into our in-depth review of the Dolphin Quantum, we will go over what’s included, how to set it up, and how it performed.

What’s included with the Quantum

The Dolphin Quantum includes everything to get started to fully automate your pool maintenance routine. With the larger XXL MaxBin and NanoFilter upgrade, it is a big step up from other Dolphin models in this price range. Here is what's in the box:

  • Dolphin Quantum
  • XXL MaxBin with Standard Filter Panels
  • XXL NanoFilter Panels
  • 60ft Cord with Anti-Tangle Swivel
  • Power Supply with Weekly Timer
  • Manual
Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Setup
Plug and play design took us less than 2 mins to setup


Setting up the Dolphin Quantum was easy. The robot requires no assembly or booster pump. It is just plug-and-play. To get started, I tossed the robot in the pool, plugged it in, and hit start. It’s that easy.

Professional Grade Cleaning

The Quantum is part of the 2024 Dolphin ProLine. Combining high-level professional performance with advanced filtration, the Quantum is a near-perfect robotic pool cleaner. It improves upon the Dolphin Explorer E30 and Dolphin Nautilus CC Pro with the addition of the XXL MaxBin with NanoFiltration.

With a 60ft cord with anti-tangle swivel, the Dolphin Quantum works for inground and above-ground pools of all shapes and sizes up to 50ft. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater pool, the Quantum is a great choice. We tested the Dolphin Quantum in an inground vinyl pool and gunite pool.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Waterline
Powerful side jets push Quantum horizontally across waterline

The high-performing Quantum has full pool coverage. From the floors to the waterline, the Dolphin Quantum left no inch uncovered in our testing. Largely thanks to its SmartNav 2.0 smart mapping software, the Quantum’s movement was precise. Compared to the Aiper robots I tested, which simply bounced around like a game of Pong, the improvement in mobility and navigation was great to see.

PowerJet 3D Mobility

Waterline cleaning enables the robot to move horizontally along the waterline, scrubbing the direst part of your pool. Unlike the two other Dolphin ProLine models that utilize Dual Stabilizers to cling to the waterline, the Quantum uses PowerJet 3D mobility. This innovative feature utilizes powerful vortex jets to propel itself, allowing it to defy gravity as it moves horizontally along the waterline.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner XXL MaxBin
225% Larger filter than Dolphin's Standard Filter Cartridge

XXL MaxBin

225% larger. That’s just how much bigger the Quantum’s XXL MaxBin is over standard filter cartridges like those found on the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. After measuring the XXL MaxBin, it was over 400 cubic inches of capacity!

MaxBin filled with Leaves
The Quantum's XXL MaxBin filled to the brim with leaves in our testing

Compared to the MaxBin on the Escape and Cayman, which is 225 cubic inches, it holds 175in2 more debris! In our testing, the increased capacity was a game-changer.
Look how many leaves the Dolphin Quantum vacuumed in one of our test pools! It was quite impressive how the basket was filled to the brim.

The top-loading filter is a breeze to clean compared to the Dolphin Premier. Rather than flipping over the robot to remove the oversized leaf bag, you simply lift the handle. From there, it is as easy as dumping and rinsing. Cleaning couldn’t get any easier.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner XXL MaxBin with NanoFilters
Simply pop in the included NanoFilters


In what I consider the most important feature, NanoFiltration is Dolphin’s Gen-2 filter. Made of highly-pleated polyester, it offers more surface area and a deeper clean the standard filters.

Included in every ProLine robot, NanoFilters are a standout feature and one you won’t want to miss. The upgraded filtration allows you to capture dirt, debris, and even algae that otherwise would be recirculated if you used the standard filters.

The difference in water quality was night and day. As the results of our testing, we noticed how much gunk the NanoFilters would capture. Capable of grabbing leaves and twigs while still filtering the smaller debris, the NanoFilters did an A+ job in our pool.

It’s not something found in similar robots like the Dolphin Explorer E30 or Dolphin Nautilus CC Pro. So if you want increased performance, I highly recommend a robot with NanoFilters. We loved them.

Read more about NanoFilters →

Dolphin Quantum HyperBrush Cleaning
The brush spins noticable faster with its HyperBrush


The introduction of the HyperBrush in the Max-Series represents a significant advancement over other Dolphin pool robots. These brushes rotate at twice the speed of those found in other models, such as the Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Premier, offering a more thorough clean.

Our observations during testing highlighted the increased scrubbing power, which was especially noticeable at the waterline. The difference is striking, with the HyperBrush-equipped models scrubbing much faster than their counterparts.

The Quantum, featuring a brush at both the front and rear, ensures comprehensive pool coverage by scrubbing efficiently in both directions as it moves. This dual-brush setup, combined with the increased speed of the HyperBrush, ensures that the Quantum provides a superior cleaning performance across the entire pool compared to previous Dolphin models.

Dolphin Quantum Weekly Timer
Set daily, every other day, or every three dayss

Weekly Timer

The Quantum automatically starts and cleans with AutoStart™ technology. With the ability to be programmed daily, every two days, or every three days, the Quantum will automatically start and vacuum your pool. We sat back and relaxed as the Quantum cleaned our pool for us. All we had to do was clean the MaxBin every few days when full. After testing nearly all the top Dolphin pool robots, this isn’t a feature I see often. Lower-end units, such as the Dolphin Explorer E20 and Dolphin Nautilus CC are missing it entirely. Dolphin has stripped other units of the timers. While the lower-priced Dolphin Cayman retained the power supply, other models have lost this feature.

My thoughts on the Quantum

The Dolphin Quantum doesn’t utilize the myDolphin Plus app, as the weekly timer is controlled directly from the power supply. So, what is it missing?

Essentially, nothing.

Dolphin opted to replace the onboard weekly timers with app connectivity in models like the Dolphin Explorer E30 and Dolphin Nautilus CC Pro. However, this transition merely shifts the same scheduling functionalities to the app. In our reviews of the Explorer E30 and Nautilus CC Pro, we were taken aback to find that Dolphin omitted features such as manual control, advanced weekly scheduling, and cleaning history, which are available in more premium models like the Dolphin Sigma.

We attribute this to the Sigma's advanced D9 microprocessor and dual split brushes. It has “Advanced Weekly Scheduling”, which allows you to set what day and time you want the robot to clean – rather than just the cleaning interval.

While the change was unexpected, we appreciate that the Quantum has retained the onboard timer. This feature is not only easier to use but also mirrors the functionalities found in the app-connected models. If you want the app, we would recommend the upgrade to the Sigma. Which not only utilizes NanoFilters but also utilizes three commercial-grade motors and a gyroscope for a more advanced clean.

Dolphin Quantum Pool Robot
Clean Like a Pro

Where could the Quantum improve

It cleans like a pro. A part of the Dolphin ProLine, it lives up to its name. There isn’t a lot of room to improve. It is a fine-tuned cleaning machine.

The only noticeable missing feature is the exclusion of the myDolphin Plus app. But as I covered, we and many other users seem to prefer the onboard weekly timer as it offers the same functionality.

For those specifically seeking app integration for their pool cleaning robot, upgrading to the Dolphin Sigma would be the recommendation. The Sigma not only offers the benefits of an advanced weekly timer and manual control but also leverages the full suite of functionalities available through the myDolphin Plus app, making it a superior choice for tech-savvy users or those desiring more intricate control over their pool cleaning experience.

Dolphin Quantum Pool Robot Filter
The XXL MaxBin is easier to clean and larger than other Dolphin filters.

Is it worth it?

The Quantum is one of the best Dolphin pool robots for 2024. As the lowest-price robot with waterline cleaning, NanoFilters, and a weekly timer, it allows full pool cleaning automation. With the larger XXL MaxBin with NanoFiltration, it combines the two Gen-2 filtration systems in one powerful robot.

It poses itself as one of the highest-value Dolphin pool robots. I found the Quantum to be super easy to use with superior performance.

Alternative Robots

You can’t get much better than the Dolphin Quantum. But the other two ProLine models, the Premier and Sigma, add extra functionality, filters, and a longer warranty that may be worth it for you.

And if the Dolphin Quantum is out of your budget, we recommend the Dolphin Cayman. Also part of the Max-Series, it combines the MaxBin, HyperBrush, Weekly Timer, and optional NanoFiltration to provide a solid clean.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
Rated the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by USA Today

Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier is the next step up in the Dolphin ProLine and makes some large improvements. The addition of dual commercial-grade motors allows the Premier to filter over 75 gallons of water per minute through its innovative Multi-Media filtration system.

Multi-Media allows you to swap between over four filter options: the standard filters, NanoFilters, Oversized Leaf Bag (Exclusive to Premier), and optional disposable debris bags. The addition of Media-Alert upgrades it to have real-time filter tracking, which lets you know when it is time to clean Premier’s filter too. With a 50% longer 3-year warranty, it’s worth looking into and seeing if the upgrade is worth it to you.

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Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
The Sigma - Dolphin's Most Advanced Robot Yet

Dolphin Sigma

The Sigma offers 3 commercial-grade motors, a gyroscope, and the myDolphin Plus app. It utilizes NanoFilter and standard top-loading cartridge filters as well. It cleans like a true pro.

Taken from the commercial line, the Dolphin Sigma is as good as it gets. With the longer 3-year warranty as well, it may be worth the extra upfront investment for your pool. I loved using the Sigma and found it to be not only high-performing but super easy and intuitive to use.

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Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner
One of the best value Dolphin robots

Dolphin Cayman

Lastly, the Dolphin Cayman is a budget alternative to the Quantum. It won’t have the advanced waterline cleaning, but it does include the weekly timer and an optional NanoFilter upgrade to its MaxBin. It’s the only robot in its class with a weekly timer. At several hundred dollars less, the Cayman won’t have the 60ft cord with swivel either. It uses a 50ft cord instead. Built for smaller to medium inground pools, it is a great robotic pool cleaner and an even better value.

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