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Polaris 480 Pro Pool Cleaner F4


Polaris 480 Pro Pool Cleaner  F4

Polaris 480 Pro Features

Professional Power: 4 powerful vacuum jets and super-sized drive jet

Professional Quality: Stainless steel drive chain, WideTrax® tires, and high performance modular components

Professional Performance: Great maneuverability, climbing, large capacity in-take and in-line filter

Professional Durability: Superior resistance to UV discoloration, corrosion-resistant components and long-life filter bags

Professional Extras: Zippered All-Purpose Filter Bag, three disposable bags, customized license plate, scrubbers and in-line filter screen replacement

Sleek and sporty, with undeniable style, the professional-grade Polaris 480 PRO defines a new class of automatic pool cleaner for the sophisticated consumer. Designed for all in-ground pools, the 480 PRO sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size pool. It uses a separate booster pump and works independently from the rest of your pool system, capturing debris in it sown filter bag. With a bold, new body design and flashy, translucent housing, the Polaris 480 PRO combines futuristic engineering technology with superior performance.

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