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A pool cleaner is an easy and efficient method to clean your swimming pool and significantly cut maintenance time. With so many on the market, Zodiac pool cleaners stand out in the crowd. If you’re unfamiliar with Zodiac, Polaris and Jandy pool cleaners fall under the Zodiac umbrella, some of the most widely used automatic cleaners in the industry.

Polaris is the more well-known branch of Zodiac pool cleaners. Most Polaris cleaners are basic, and some still run off a separate booster pump—but the sturdy design gives greater dependability. Polaris also features robotic cleaners for the pool owner who wants a system that can work efficiently and unsupervised. Jandy pool cleaners from Zodiac come in various model types, like robotic, pressure side and suction side to fit every modern pool owner’s needs. Zodiac also has cleaners called, as you may have guessed, “Zodiac Cleaners.” These are suction side cleaners that feature the revolutionary Baracuda diaphragm technology, allowing for greater energy efficiency. Regardless of the different choices, all cleaners from Zodiac are known to be reliable and durable.

Zodiac Ranger  Pool Cleaner Cleaner W01698
The Ranger is an affordable, dependable automatic pool cleaner that will thoroughly clean your above..
$188.80 $147.50
Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner W03000
Automatically removes dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand and even pebbles Patented Quick Rele..
$558.40 $436.25
Zodiac Quattro X7 Pool Cleaner
The Baracuda X7 Quattro is an inspired blend of sleek design and advanced technology resulting in un..
$649.44 $507.38

As previously mentioned, suction side cleaners from Zodiac use Baracuda diaphragm technology for increased efficiency. One option is the Zodiac G3. This cleaner has been refined for better efficiency and quieter operation. The G3 effectively cleans not only your pool floor, but also the pool walls and steps.

If you’re on a budget, the Zodiac Ranger thoroughly cleans above ground pools and requires no additional plumbing, which means you’ll save energy costs. And it’s pre-assembled in the box, for nearly zero installation time. This cleaner removes all types of debris, from dirt particles to pebbles. These are just two of several cleaner options from Zodiac, so no matter your budget or style of pool, each Zodiac cleaner is notorious for getting the job done.