pool express: pool robot anti-tangle swivel

Best Pool Robot Tech: Anti-Tangle Swivel

March 30, 2016

There are lots of things you need to look for when you are shopping for a robotic pool cleaner. Depending on what’s most important to you, and what type of pool you have, the features may vary. But here is one that you’re sure to love no matter what kind of pool you have because let’s face it, everyone hates a tangled cord.

The anti-tangle swivel feature is very exclusive. You’ll only be able to find it on Dolphin Premier pool cleaners and the Aquabot X4 robotic pool cleaner. While other robotic cleaners have the long cable that continues to get knotted and stuck, these pool robots pull out all the stops for the best experience possible.

Even though the cord in anti-tangle, that doesn’t mean they skimped on length. At 60 feet long, this cable is sure to reach every nook and cranny without needing to unplug and re-plug at the other end of the pool.

Always keep your cable in sight. Even though it won’t knot, having a floating cable is still a huge convenience.

And last but not least, it won’t tangle. The anti-tangle swivel ensures that no matter which path your pool robot takes, you don’t have to worry about cables. You can go about your business and let the pool robot do it’s job. You don’t need to monitor it or pull it out of the pool to untangle the cord.

Take a look at all of the pool robots Pool Express has to offer and keep an eye out for special features like the anti-tangle swivel.