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Maytronics engineers have done it again, designing a new pool robot that does the improbable at a price that's unbelievable. Brand new for 2012, the Quest is one of the newest Dolphin robots to c Read more

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Maytronics engineers have done it again, designing a new pool robot that does the improbable at a price that's unbelievable.

Brand new for 2012, the Quest is one of the newest Dolphin robots to come out of the Maytronics laboratory. And it doesn't disappoint. To understand the evolution of the new Quest Robot, you have to go back to 1983. That's when Maytronics began the revolution. Some doubters were quite convinced that nobody would want a pool cleaner that operated without the typical booster pump. Their reservations were entirely understandable. Pool cleaners had always required an old fashioned AC motor to supply pressure or suction power. The problem was that booster pumps burned a staggering 1,470 watts of energy. If your pool relies on your main circulation pump to power a pool cleaner, that number can exceed 2,000 watts.

Then Maytronics launched a robotic pool cleaner with powerful 24 volt DC motors. These motors were nearly 90% more efficient. A highly efficient onboard low voltage motor was all that was needed to turn the pool cleaner industry upside down. Here was an opportunity to get more from less. To optimize the work input to work output. In short, efficiency needs power. That was the principle. And it still stands today.


Which media type do you prefer? For the first time ever, no matter which you choose, you won't be making a compromise. Now you can choose the right media for the job. Want to clean fine debris and algae that passes through other cleaners? Go micro-filter. Need to pick up a bushel of leaves? Go oversized media bag.

SmartNav™ Robotic Scanning

When you drop a Dolphin Quest into your pool, it doesn't just randomly wander the pool like other cleaners. Quest's microprocessor measures and learns your pool's size and shape and then applies a systematic scanning pattern to clean every square inch of the pool in the shortest time possible. True efficiency.

HyperGrip™ Rubber Tracks

Rubber tracks grip the wall of your pool in a way that wheels simply can't, delivering unmatched agility. A cleaner pool means you'll buy less chemicals and conserve water with fewer and faster backwashes.

Ultra Efficient DC Motors

The principal is simple. 24 volt motors operate on nearly 90% less power than AC booster pumps. Running on just 180 watts, the hourly cost is about 5 cents per hour. But that's not the whole story. Quest cleans quickly and thoroughly. That's why you can set Quest to auto run just when you need it - daily, 2x per week or 3x per week

The Dolphin Quest is the best in class value leader.

After 29 years of evolving the Dolphin cleaner design concept, how much room could there still be for improvement? Lots, apparently. Both inside and out, the design of the newest Dolphin robot keeps the tried-and-true, while embracing innovation.

A technologically superior robotic cleaner with best in class features, the longest warranty available, and legendary Dolphin performance. The Dolphin Quest's long list of technology includes SmartNavTM advanced robotic scanning, Multi-MediaTM with easy clean micro-filter cartridges and an exclusive, patented tangle-resistant swivel cable.

Patented Anti-Tangle Swivel

The underwater robotic cable swivel is one of the greatest engineering accomplishments in the pool industry. But you don't need to be an engineer to understand the benefits of tangle-free operation. Without a swivel, every cable will eventually become a tangled hassle. What other robotic company offers a swivel? Nobody.

Optional remote control available. Now you can drive your Quest for fast spot cleaning and fun.

Optional caddy available for storage and transportation. Quest's unibody construction means it only weights 22 lbs., eliminating the need for a caddy for most users.

Optional oversized debris bag installs in just seconds. All Quest models include dual micro-filter cartridges standard. Add an oversized debris bag for the freedom to choose media without comprimise.

Modular DIY Engineered

Minimize downtime. Ground-breaking modular design means each of the five modular components can be easily replaced in just minutes by you or your dealer.

Best in Class 2 Year No-nonsense Warranty

A top-of-the-line robotic cleaner should have a no-nonsense warranty that protects your investment. Quest delivers. 2 years. Not pro-rated. Not limited to hours or cycles. It's hands down the best warranty in the industry.

Dolphin Quest Specifications


  • Navigation: Microprocessor controlled SmartNav™ learns subject pool
  • Logic: Calculates optimal pattern for faster cleaning & improved efficiency
  • Propulsion: HyperGripTM rubber tracks improve power delivery and control
  • Capabilities: Vacuums leaves, debris, pollen & green algae
  • Energy efficiency: Reduces energy costs up to 90% over AC powered cleaners
  • Surfaces: Power scrubs and vacuums floors, steps, and most walls
  • Micron rating: 2 micron - removes the smallest particles, even green algae
  • Filtration rate: Micro filters 75 gallons per minute for remarkable water quality

Standard Features

  • Motor type: Dual 24 volt brushless DC energy-efficient, long-life motors
  • Multi-media: Twin micro-filter cartridges included. Opt. debris bag available
  • Patented swivel: It's the world's only true cable swivel, a patented Dolphin exclusive
  • Drive type: Direct drive means no belts to replace, ever
  • Brush type: Dual power rotating, scrubbing brushes for aggressive cleaning action
  • Bi-directional: Vacuums even when in reverse for superior efficiency
  • Installation: Plug and play. Simply plug into a wall outlet and you're done.
  • Smart timer: Integrated multi-function timer allows daily, 3x or 2x per week cycles
  • LED alerts: Lets you know when the media should be emptied
  • Plug and Play: No installation required. Simply plug in and turn on

Technical Data

  • Operating cost: Approximately 5 cents per hour
  • Electrical input: 115 volts, plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Cycle time: 2.5 hours. Faster cleaning for improved energy savings
  • Warranty: 2 yr limited warranty -not pro-rated - not limited to hours/cycles
  • Cable: 65 feet thermoplastic rubber cable reduces frictional drag
  • Compatibility: Gunite, concrete, tile, fiberglass or vinyl-lined up to 55 ft long
  • Service type: DIY serviceable in 10-15 minutes by the dealer or owner
  • Wattage: 180 watts
  • Dry weight: 21 lbs.


  • Media option: Optional oversized debris bag attaches in seconds
  • Caddy option: For convenient transport and storage

Maytronics Ltd., the pioneer and world leader in pool robotics was established in 1983. Distributed in over 42 countries, the latest generation of Dolphin robot products has been internationally recognized as the world's leading robotic cleaner, with a long list of exclusive and patented features. Our multidisciplinary Dolphin systems are rigorously tested in real-world conditions and conform to ISO 9001, 2000 edition, CE/ETL regulations and are RoHS Compliant (Lead free components).

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