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Ecomatic ESC-36 Salt Chlorinator


Ecomatic ESC-36 Salt Chlorinator

For Pools up to 40,000 Gallons the ESC 36 Ecomatic self-cleaning saltwater system.


  • Digital display and LED indicators
  • High flow rate cell
  • High grade U.V. stabilized rust and weather proof cabinet protected to IP34
  • Low salt and overload Indicators - Winter switch for cold water operation
  • Water flow detector
  • Easy to set time clock with battery back up standard on all timer models
  • Advanced reliable electronic technology
  • PCB controlled system protection.
  • Operates on 220 volts only.

Safe, Healthy Perfectly healthy, crystal clear pool/spa water - without adding all those chemicals to your pool or spa.

Eco-Matic recycles the dissolved salt, over and over, in producing the necessary sanitizer for your pool or spa. Recycling a natural product can never harm our environment. With Eco-Matic, one year's supply of 'pool chemicals' can be replaced with as little as $10 - $20 worth of salt.

Eco-Matic was first produced in 1976 and is now sold in more than 20 countries. An estimated half million pool and spa owners worldwide now use the salt water purification system on their pools and spas.

3 year limited warranty.

Installation and Warranty info:

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