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Multicyclone Filter


Multicyclone Filter

The MultiCylone is an ingenius prefilter that uses centrifugal force to save water and reduce filter cleaning. It doesn’t replace your existing filter, but works along side your existing sand, DE, Zeolite or cartridge filter. By spinning the water at a high rate of speed, the solid particles are separated and never end up in your main filter. The MultiCyclone can remove up to 80% of the filter’s incoming dirt load.

The collected dirt and debris is easily discharged by turning a knob. By reducing the organic load in your pool, you’ll also reduce the amount of chemicals needed. Increase the performance of your existing DE, sand, Zeolite or cartridge filter by installing the Multi-Cyclone Centrifugal filter. The Multi-Cyclone is an ingenious solid separating pre-filter that literally spins particles (removes particles between 20-100 microns) out of suspension, removing up to 80% of the incoming solids. Dirt and debris is trapped inside the Multi-Cyclone's sediment bowl where they remain until drained. Cleaning requires only four gallons of water and is as simple as turning the flush valve and allowing the water flow to quickly remove the solids. Removing dirt, debris and other solids prior to your main filter has four very significant advantages.

  • Decrease your filter cleaning and backwashing dramatically
  • Reduce the amount of water wasted when backwashing your main filter
  • Extends the life of your filtration media
  • Removes organic matter from your system faster, which reduces chlorine demand and chlorine byproducts

Multi-Cyclone’s housing rated up to 58 PSI and is UV and corrosion proof. MultiCyclone includes 2 inch connection unions and can be easily installed after the pump and before your existing filter filter.

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