Pool Alarms for Children

 Pool Alarms for Children

Proper supervision and education on pool safety is essential to swimming pool owners with children, or if there are kids in the neighborhood. An alarm should never act as the primary method of pool safety, since adult supervision is the best way to prevent an accident. However, there are certain steps parents and other pool owners can take to ensure a child’s safety around the swimming pool. And as an added precaution, many pool owners use pool alarms for children.Pool alarms for children provide that added security and comfort a pool owner needs to rest easy about the safety level of their backyard swimming pool. Even if a pool owner doesn’t have children, pool alarms have the power to even keep out small pets. The swimming pool alarms at Pool Express are top-rated, so if pool owner steps out of view of the pool, safety is covered by an alarm. Poolguard has been developing and perfecting swimming pool alarms since the 1980s, so their top-rated product is always a favorite among pool owners. The Poolguard alarms are suited for pools that use the house as one side of the perimeter, and they attach to the back door. 

Pool Guard Pool Door Alarm DAPT-2

Pool Guard DAPT-2 Door Alarm Helps you Protect What's Important Good Housekeeping said "The alarms performed well, with the loudest alarm of all the products tested." The Pool Guard DAPT-2

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The Poolguard DAPT-2 swimming pool alarms are designed for fast reaction, and will sound an alarm in 7 seconds once a child opens the door that leads to the pool. And it automatically resets after it sounds.

These alarms designed for children are advanced, and have a feature that allows adults to pass through the door without an alarm sounding. And once the battery on the alarm is low, the alarm has an indicator with an audible alert system to let you know. The Poolguard DAPT-2 pool alarms are easy to install and simple to use. And they have received top ratings as the loudest pool alarm on the market.