Swimming pool automation is a great option for pool owners who want to cut energy use and reduce their electric bill. If your swimming pool has added features controlled by the pool pump, like waterfalls, spas, or fountains, automation is a smart choice. Now you won’t have to remember when and how long to run the pump—just set the timer so you can get back to lounging poolside.Managing your swimming pool equipment is tedious and time consuming, so it can be easy to forget things like keeping track of your pool pump schedule. Pool pump timers will never forget to turn your pump on and off at the appropriate times, so you never have to worry about accidentally letting it run during peak electric hours.
Leaf Pump Digital Programmable Timer

Automation doesn't get simpler or easier than this: - 7 day digital programmable timer for Leaf Pump - Program up to 8 on/off cycles per day - long lasting Lithium battery backup - easy to install and

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GE Pool Pump Timer

GE pool pump timers are the best value in swimming pool timers and time clocks. This state of the art time clock has many more useful features than mechanical time clocks. GE timers may be used to con

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A way to achieve easy automation for your equipment is with pool pump timers. Timers for swimming pool pumps are designed for one thing: To circulate your pool water every few hours. This allows greater control for running your pump and added features. Reducing the amount of time between pool pump circulations also means less time for algae to accumulate. Timers for your pool pump benefit the water quality and save energy.

At minimum, swimming pool water should circulate eight hours a day. This means the swimming pool pump should push every gallon of water through your pool system to properly filter it. A timer can easily achieve this, so you never have to wonder if your pool water is properly circulated. And the pump timers at Pool Express are ideal for multi- and variable speed pool pumps. If you’d like to change from high speed to low speed, all you have to do is set the timer. Timers for pool pumps allow you to efficiently circulate the water and significantly lower energy use.