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Pentair IntelliFlo Pump

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The Pentair IntelliFlo pumps have all of the reliability and durability that customers expect of Pentair, but it has something more: energy efficiency. This line of variable speed pool pumps from Pentair has a huge variety of models, but no matter which model you choose you can expect exclusive, energy saving features. The main feature that sets Pentair IntelliFlo pumps apart is the fact that they are variable speed pool pumps equipped with IntelliFlo technology. The advanced design has been refined to deliver virtually silent operation, extreme energy efficient savings, and more.

The IntelliFlo line is so energy efficient that you’ll experience up to 90% energy savings when compared to traditional swimming pool pumps. The IntelliFlo pumps from Pentair are capable of operating at eight different speeds with a programmable clock for each speed. An LCD screen displays the wattage consumption and speed settings, while an ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor reduces noise to as low as 45 decibels for quieter operation.

Pentair  Intelliflo Pump 3.2Kw VS Variable Speed 011012
IntelliFlo VF High Performance Pump is the first pump to deliver the exact amount of water needed to..
Pentair  Intelliflo Pump 4X160 VS-3050 Variable Speed 011013
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Pentair  Intelliflo Pump SVRS Variable Speed 011017
A technological breakthrough in energy-efficiency and service life, the Pentair Intelliflo VS SVRS p..

The IntelliFlo pumps from Pentair are the solution for pool owners who want to save energy consumption as well as lower their electric bill. It’s no wonder that the IntelliFlo line is one of the top sellers of variable speed pool pumps in the industry.

Not only will the models in the IntelliFlo line save energy and money, but will also last a lifetime. Each IntelliFlo model has a unique, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor, designed to protect the pool pump from the elements and make it one of the quietest pool pumps ever. Now you don’t have to listen to your pump running when you’re trying to relax poolside. And whether you choose the classic, best-selling IntelliFlo model or perhaps one of the newer options, any of the IntelliFlo models will prove to be, well, intelligent.