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T-Cell-15 Aftermarket Replacement Cell


T-Cell-15 Aftermarket Replacement Cell

This aftermarket Aqua Rite replacement cell is a reliable and proven replacement salt cell for the Aqua Rite T-Cell-15. This replacement for the T-Cell-15 is manufactured by CompuPool, a leading supplier of high quality salt cells since 1979. CompuPool's long life, high performance electrodes are now available for nearly all brands of salt chlorinators. You'll get maximum cell life and increased chlorine efficiency while saving up to 50%.

Aftermarket T-Cell-15 Replacement details

  • Efficient design with clear housing for easy inspection
  • 15' cord with OEM style plug for easy installation
  • Plug and play. No modifcations are required.
  • For pools up to 52,000 gallons
  • Compatible with the Aqualogic, Aqua Rite, Mineral Springs, and Naturesoft editions
  • 9 high efficiency plates
  • Save up to 50% off of OEM pricing
  • Engineered to meet OEM equipment specifications
  • This T-Cell-15 replacement cell has a 3 year manufacturers warranty

This aftermarket cell replaces the T-Cell-15 which was designed for pools up to 40,000 gallons. This aftermarket cell may be used to upgrade an existing T-Cell-5, T-Cell-9, or T-Cell-15 to a higher chlorine producing cell with greater efficiency. This upgrade is very easy. You simply go into the menu on your salt system and select the new cell size which is T-Cell-15 (or GLX-Cell-15) and install it. This replacement cell is fully compatible with the following systems:

  • AQ-Rite | Aqua Rite
  • AQ-Rite-XL | Aqua Rite XL
  • AQR | Aqua Rite
  • AQR-PRO | Aqua Rite Pro
  • PL-P-4 | Pro Logic P4
  • PL-PS-x | Pro Logic PS
  • AQ-Logic-P-4 | Pro Logic P4
  • AQ-Logic-PS-x | Pro Logic PS
  • Mineral Springs and Naturesoft

What is the difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts?

OEM refers to a part that is made by the same manufacturer as the original product. Sometimes manufacturers do not manufacture and produce the parts they use to build their products. Some use outside independent companies to help them design the parts used in your chlorine generator.

Aftermarket parts are just the opposite of OEM parts. These parts are produced by companies other than the original manufacturer but are made to fit and perform as well or better than the original. In some cases, aftermarket companies improve a part by redesigning it. CompuPool is a prime example of a high quality aftermarket part that lives up to the expectations of the original at a much lower price.

With both OEM and aftermarket parts, the part should serve its purpose and perform the function it was designed for. Pool Express is about choice and value. That's why we offer both OEM replacement parts and aftermarket parts.


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