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Sta-Rite DE Filter 48 SF System 2 PLDE48

Sta-Rite PLDE48

Sta-Rite  DE Filter 48 SF System 2 PLDE48
System:2 Modular D.E. Filters

- PLDE Series for larger pools deliver high quality D.E. filtration in a simple, one-piece module design that's easier to clean than grid designs. The unique balanced-flow tank design maximizes the use of the module's surface area to trap more dirt and reduce the frequency of cleaning.

  • Typical Installations - Inground pools and inground hot tubs
  • Quality Construction - Durable two-piece tank housing constructed of rugged ABS thermoplastic to ensure a long-lasting tank life
  • Easy Access - Posi-Ring closure provides safe, fast access to tank internals
  • Patented Design - The patented, innovative balanced flow design first introduced with the System:3 Mod Media filter is now available in the smaller System:2 filter, enabling maintenance-free operation for pools of all sizes
  • A perfect Fit - The small diameter footprint makes the System:2 filter a perfect fit for new and retrofit installations
  • Modular Filter Tanks - Allows for quick change of filter medias without changing the tank

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