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Aquabot i2


Aquabot i2

The smart design of the Aquabot i2 makes it an ideal cleaner for your above or in-ground pool. Affordably priced and stocked with new innovative features unprecedented in its class, the i2 will cut down your water, chemical and energy usage. For pool maintenance that’s cheaper, simpler and better than ever.

The i2 can save you up to 30% on your total chemical usage alone. And is 93% more efficient than a standard main pool filter system. Running on an ultra-efficient DC motor, the i2 uses only 150 watts, so each cleaning costs less than a nickel.

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industry leading filtration

NEW Micro Filtration

Achieve the best filtration available with the i2’s micro-filtration bag inserts. Easy to install, clean and remove, these filter bags can be added to the standard filter baskets to capture small debris, algae and bacteria down to 2 microns in size.

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anti-tangle swivel

New Anti-Tangle Swivel

For seamless cleaning performance, the i2 has an all new Anti-Tangle Swivel. Time-consuming and frustrating tangles are a thing of the past. Covering 8000 square feet per hour, the i2 cleans your pool efficiently without any hang-ups.

anti-tangle swivel

Simple Operation

The straight-forward interface on the power supply enables you to quickly and easily control the i2. Just drop in the robot, choose the size of the pool and your work is done. You can even set an external timer for worry-free operation.

anti-tangle swivel

3 Year Warranty

The i2 takes affordability to the next level. Most entry-level robotic cleaners only have a 1-year warranty. A reasonable priced cleaner isn’t very reasonable if it just breaks down after a year. Backed by a 3-year warranty, built to last.

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Pool Type: Above Ground & Inground
Pool Size: up to 50 ft.
Shape: All
Surface Type: All Pools
Method of Propulsion: Linear Jet
Wall Climbing: Partial with Minimum 6” Radius
Filter Loading: Easy Top Access, Clear View
Filter Type: 2 Filter Baskets with Nylon Mesh
Cable Length: 60 ft. Floating Cable
Anti-Tangle Swivel  
Adjustable Turning Tab Oriented
Never Stuck Rollers  
Timer - Auto Shutoff:  
Power Supply: Internal Timer
Warranty: 3 Years
Coverage: 8000 sq. ft. / per hr
Gallons Per Minute: 80-85
Cost of Operation $0.05 (per cleaning)
Cleaning Time: 1-2 Hours
Filter Capacity: 268 (2x134) Cubic Inches
Voltage Power Supply: 48 VDC
Watts: 150W

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