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Swimming Pool Automation

A great way to manage your pool equipment is with a swimming pool automation system. Swimming pool automation has huge benefits, and is ideal for homeowners who want to cut costs and save energy use. If you have multiple added features like lights, heaters, or water fountains, automating your swimming pool just makes sense.

Automating your pool is highly convenient, and allows you to control your equipment with one, single device. Now your backyard barbeque by the pool can be ready in no time. Just one flip of the switch will turn on the pool lights, outdoor music and swimming pool equipment. And even better, the option of automating your system allows pool owners to not have to worry about menial maintenance tasks, like remembering when and how long to run your pool pump. 

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At Pool Express there’s a selection of advanced automated timers to incorporate into your pool system. Automating your swimming pool system solves the problem of manually controlling equipment like pool pumps, timers and other added features. Now you can set the precise moment your pool equipment shuts off or turns on during off-peak hours, to save time and money.

Some pool equipment already comes with automation features, but you may still want to invest in a single automation system for this reason: Convenience. Your entire system is now managed with one control. Some models are managed by remote controls, while others feature LCD touch screens that are placed inside the home. Whichever you choose, your pool, spa or pool and spa combination will be much easier to manage. Automation timers at Pool Express are durable and long lasting. And they have the ability to regulate multi- or variable speed pool pumps. Automating your pool system can save hundreds a year, especially when paired with other energy efficient equipment like pool pumps, filters and automatic pool cleaners.