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Sta-Rite Dyna-Pro 2HP Pump MPEA6YG-207L


Sta-Rite Dyna-Pro 2HP Pump MPEA6YG-207L

Sta-Rite pumps are known for their power, efficiency and quiet operation. The Dyna-Pro model takes this formula and improves on it with better efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance. Dyna-Pro pool pumps are constructed with exclusive thermoplastic composite resin for enhanced durability, whatever the conditions.

Advanced flow dynamics improve water flow to reduce operating costs. An energy efficient motor, easy maintenance and made-to-last, corrosion resistant materials make the Dyna-Pro a smart choice for a pool pump with both high-efficiency and reliability.



Advanced hydraulics and energy-efficient motor for high-performance, energy savings and extended pump life

Motor rated for continuous operation

Heavy duty shaft seal and impeller

Precision-fit internal components and sound dampening base for a quieter pump

High-capacity trap for longer time in between cleanings

Easy to remove lid that locks into place with quarter turn

Quick and easy inspection and cleaning 

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